Random short story: End of The Line

on March 8, 2016

Story 1: I want to feel it again, one more time!

When the going gets rough, when the receive is tenous, the last ball always entrusted to the ace.


But the ace doesn’t call for a toss.

“The spike—”

“I want it. No matter how much I fails, I still want to spike.”

“I can spike because the toss goes up and then the toss goes up because of the connecting receive. Everyone plays their own respective part.”


“One more… One more time!”

“The dependable guardian behind me, the easy-to-spike tosses they sends to me… I lack nothing. I had forgotten such simple, obvious things… ”

Story 2: The envious, angst, ups and down.

“The ace is cool, but your number one use is as a decoy, which is humble and uncool. You’re thinking you could be an ace too, if only you had height and power like the ace.”

“I don’t think like that! Or mayb—” Before Jojo could finished, his words already chopped by Gege.

“Once you found out there’s an ace, not only did you yearn to see him, not only were you curious about him, but you were envious of him, weren’t you?” He said.

“…so I envy him. What’s wrong with that? You’d never understand.” Jojo’s hand are shaking

“You can jump well, and you’re fast, but you’re lousy overall. You’ll never be the ace, the pillar of the team…”

“…but as long I’m here, you’re invicible!”


The ace’s spike has awesome power. He can slam past three blockers.




“The wall is too huge…”

“Dodge them! What else you can do, idiot?!” Gege keeps screaming at Jojo, embracing him to dodge the walls.

“…I don’t want to be blocked, I don’t want to be stopped. If there are wall in front of me, there’s no way I can win.” He said while grinding his teeth.

“See? You can do it. You don’t wear a crown written ‘ace’ on it. All you have to do is past the walls.”


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