No, I dont wanna!!

on December 16, 2015

My cough seems like worsen day by day. Not as bad as last year, though. Funny thing is last year I got cough like this was on December. Sometimes, it makes me think about…

Dear God, I know You wouldn’t read this but well I just wanted to pray to You using this tool.
God, is it punishment for me? The cough, it really hurts my chest. Both my physically and mentally chest are hurting. But please, don’t take away my soul soon. I really don’t want to die soon. There’s so much good things I haven’t done in my life, I haven’t do something good for humankind or even this world.
I still wanted to have nice chat with other people, I wanted to go to amusement park with someone I loved. I still wanted to celebrate new years eve with someone I loved. I still wanted her to be my last person I saw on this year and be the first person I see on the next year.
Dear God, lately I’ve been thinking about something I used don’t want to do. Marriages. But now, I’ve been thinking that I wanted to be someone I loved forever in my life, well… I DO still thinks that marriages are something really complicated but in the other hand, it’s just simple thing. It’s just me and her, being together and forever. Though it still long way for me thinking about marriages.

That’s all for today’s diary, Fajar Ramadhan out.



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