Review: Operation half-failed

on March 10, 2013

*Image have no fuckin’ relation with the content, I’d just wanna fill some image, though.

Well, time to review everyone! As I mentioned earlier by here, there’s two operation that will come. The first one is #OpsOneDayMessenger and well.. Uhh… Too bad, I didn’t make it. But, half of it was success. Why? ‘Cause there’s two quest in that operation. 1. Deliver the item to subject. (I didn’t make it.) 2. Come to subject’s house, and I make it. And, I think the main mission #OpsSayIt! or you could say, “Super Ultimate Mega Deluxe operation with Master rank” already failed. Too bad, huh? Well, It’s okay… I can make it next month, though.
Ah, that’s it. Now for the review about last night half-failed operation. At 08.00 or 09.00 PM I’d come to subject’s house with my Bros. Thanks to him, I can make it to subject’s house, haha. Um, I met the subject’s mom and dad, my Bros earlier says to me that I mustn’t get nervous and just relax. But, hey. And what I do was just greet them (F*ck it, I was nervous at that time)! Oh, yes. I almost forgot, the subject’s brother wants to met me! He said wants to talk with me. But, thanks God. Fortunately he’s going to somewhere with his friends. So, he didn’t make it to met with me. Ah, maybe that’s all.  I’d must gotta go, see ya!

Note: My english sucks.


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