on February 16, 2013


“Can I back to my past?” Every human has a regret. They must dreaming about back to the past, fixed their guilt and back to their nowadays time. But, they know! They can’t do that. There’s no time machine! You can’t back to the time has past. Though you can back to the past time, will you forget everything you have done for nowadays?

Within nowadays, they still regretting what they do in the past. Such like when someone do something bad though s/he doesn’t want it or someone who wants to say something to someone s/he loves but s/he can’t, they always suffering they guilt. “I want to back to my past time! When we talk each other with smile and nothing bad happens!”, “Mom, Dad! I love you! Please back to life!”.

And the future, humans dream. They want to see what future like, “is it digitally era? Where the car can flying?”. Another something that humans can’t do.

As a human, I (Kotocchi). Wanted to back to my past too! But, I know I can’t do that. Guys, live in nowadays time! Forget your guilt, forget everything you can’t do in the past! Now, if your target still alive, tell them! Tell your mom and dad that you loved them! Say sorry to your friends about your guilt in the past time! Tell the person you love that you loved him/her up until now or just when in the past! Tell them! TELL THEM! Wipe out your guilt, do something you can’t do in the past time! Live like newborn baby! A proverb says, “You can Choose your Fate but not your Destiny” but for me, “You can change your destiny!”.

Ah, my english sucks. But, well… Thanks for reading this. I appreciate that. 🙂


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