Ikenai yo! Doko ni mo ikenai!

on January 17, 2013

Chapter 03:

“I’m scared, you know! Don’t go, Taichi! Don’t go!” Eu screaming loudly at the same time she’s crying in front of me.

“Eh? What did you mean?” I’d asked her.

“I’m not strong as you look, I’m scared when you says won’t come back here, to my house. I’m scared we can’t play together any more in my house. We just only met at School or in convenience store” She reply it.

“But, you say…”

“Yes, I know it! But, in fact… I’m scared! Sorry for making you bad mood, Taichi. I didn’t mean to, I want you stay here but I can’t say it.  ‘Cause you said that your pride will go down if you comes to my house again. ” She still crying.

There’s someone know what are this conversation meant. Hope s/he read it. Note: Gender blender.


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