on December 30, 2012


When you give me your smile, it makes me fly.

Fly to a place, where nobody could feel but me.

And when I’m there, I can think of nothing but you


Your eyes are just like the autumn flowers,

That always makes the others pay attention to you.

Your kindness, It’s like the spring season.

Makes everyone feels the warmth of it.

And the winter,

The mix between the white of beautiful snow

And the orange of the morning sun

It’s nothing compared to your cheerful face


Your face, your kindness

When I think of it… When I think about you, I couldn’t be happier

I want to see your smile everyday

I want you to look at my eyes every time

I want to give you more kindness than what you’ve done to others

I want to see you every time I wake up from sleep

I want to spend seasons with you

I want to be with you

I… love you

UWOOOOOOOOOO~~~~! Romantic poem! ( >w<) My  friend, Amakaze. Makes this poem for me. Thank you soooo muucch honey :*  I’m not gay. 😐


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